VIRNA | Vascular & Interventional Radiologists of Northern Alberta

Vascular & Interventional Radiologists of Northern Alberta
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Talk to your doctor about minimally invasive,
no-surgery solutions
for fibroid embolization, PAD and other conditions.

At VIRNA, we provide Vascular and Interventional Radiology (IR) services that help patients recover faster than with traditional, more invasive surgical options.

Interventional Radiologists invented angioplasty and the catheter-delivered stent, and are pioneers in minimally invasive treatments. Today, IR is an exciting, surgery-free alternative to a wide range of surgical treatments.

Our goal is to help practitioners provide better treatment options to their patients, and to bring new efficiencies to healthcare in Edmonton and Northern Alberta.

VIRNA provides minimally invasive interventional radiology services,with shorter recovery times than conventional surgical procedures.

We are a proud part of
MIC Medical Imaging.

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At VIRNA we work with doctors and other practitionersto determine the best treatment options.

Practitioners will find information and resources for referrals here.

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